Coming Up With Strong Research Paper Topics On Julius Caesar

Quite frequently students will study Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in either British literature or World literature. The leader, Julius Caesar will be studied in World History. If you are given the assignment to write an essay on the play, you will find there are many essays. As you are working on coming up with a strong research paper topic on Julius Caesar, use one of our many strong topic suggestions.

Topic Suggestions for Coming up with a Strong Research Paper

  • The thin line between friends and enemies and what it takes for someone to cross that line could be explored

  • Country over friend-did he die for his country or did he die because of what his friends wanted for the country, explore this question

  • Light and dark-there are many opposites in the play, one of the most unusual ones is the light and dark juxtaposition, explore it and write about it

  • The supernatural occurrences and the omens in the play make for a excellent strong topic

  • Compare and contrast-you could compare some of the characters such as Antony, Caesar, or Octavius

  • The social classes-Look at the different classes and see what roles they play in Shakespeare’s piece

  • Politics-you could write apiece on the politics of the time and how they are driven by families and clans more than political parties

  • The speeches-there are many important speeches filled with symbolic language and references to nature in the play, cover those in an essay

  • Literary critical analysis-you could write one of these on the symbolism in the play

  • Compare the literary Caesar to the real life man and his historical impacts and rule

  • The flaws of great men-you could explore Brutus, Caesar, Antony, or Octavius and discuss their flaws as well as their greatness. You could also do a comapre and contrast on the different flaws.

Once you have come up with your strong research paper title on the play, you then must read the play. Do not try to write this essay without reading the play. Your teacher will know if you did not read the piece. You will want to do some research and see what the professional critics say about your theories or subject. You will need intext citations and a reference page. And as always, follow all the instructions the teacher gives you and meet the deadlines.

Tips, Hints And Bright Topics

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