List Of Intriguing Research Paper Topics On Sherlock Holmes

When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote Sherlock Holmes, he had many things in mind. First and foremost, he wanted to scale the heights of fictional writing. Secondly, he wanted to bring to reality through writing a world of private detectives. In the book, Holmes which is the main character is presented as a person whose proficiency is private detection is unmatched. He is also presented as someone whose knowledge on forensic science and logic in detection of crime is far beyond the ordinary. The book is truly an interesting read. In The Guinness Book of records, Sherlock Holmes is famed as the most popular fictitious character in the history of literary composition. To date, movies scripts have been written acted and filmed. Millions of copies have also been sold. The author at some point acknowledged that he wrote the book out of inspiration. These aside, what should a student learn when it comes to analyzing this great literary piece is also of great importance.

Well, many themes are illustrated in the novel and this is always what forms a springboard for writing. Crime in particular is largely looked into. Further, a student may be tasked to come up with questions on Sherlock Holmes and this is what forms the gist of this post. Well, what can one write home about based on Sherlock Holmes? There are both obvious and intriguing topics which can be crafted out of Sherlock Holmes, but in this post, we look at the latter. Hereafter is therefore a list of some intriguing topics on Sherlock Homes to think about and perhaps write some research work on. Take into account the nature of research writing even as you seek to unravel their deep meaning.

  • The person of Shylock Holmes. How does he compare and contrast to modern day private investigators?
  • Is Shylock Holmes a direct representation of modern contemporary investigative world?
  • Compare and contract problems Shylock Holmes encounters in the course of his investigative work to what modern day investigators go through in today‚Äôs contemporary world.
  • How does Shylock Holmes fictional character inspire you to become a private investigator?
  • Discuss the character trait of Shylock Holmes that make him the most talked about fictional character
  • Discuss the theme of crime as explored in the novel, Shylock Holmes
  • What is the main stylistic devise used in writing Shylock Holmes?

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