A Selection Of Fresh Research Paper Ideas In Psychology

Psychology is such a broad subject with many sub-fields that it’s impossible to find really good subjects to write your research paper. But it can still be difficult to narrow down your topic to something that genuinely interests you, yet isn’t overwhelming in a way that you can’t complete it. Here is a list of fresh research paper ideas to use for your psychology assignment. Feel free to use any of these or let them inspire you to come up with some topics of your own:

  1. Analyze the ways early emotional bonds are an integral part of human nature. Emotional connections are just as important as physical ones in early development. Which bonds are the most important?

  2. A study on how contact comfort is overwhelming important in development. There have been many studies on animals that show contact through early development is extremely important. What else can be learned about this behavior?

  3. How the language organ or ability to communicate through various forms grows like all other organs. Many believe that our ability to communicate continues to grow through several outlets (e.g., speech, facial movement, body language, etc.). How does this work?

  4. As study on how emotion and events are stored in memory together. How do emotions and events interact to form memories we can recall several years later in more effective ways than those without a connection?

  5. A discussion on how the unconscious is the true psychological reality. In his time, Freud championed the idea that our unconscious was the true version of our realities and that we could never reach its inner depths.

  6. Ways in which forgetting or relaxing can heal emotional traumas. For a long time psychologists assumed that traumas were deep-rooted in the subconscious, but soon after it was believed that bringing up these memories kept the trauma alive.

  7. A discussion on what is meant by the seven sins of memory. Provide an explanation of the seven sins and offer ways of understanding they distort events and emotions.

  8. How social life is a dramatically enacted thing similar to a theatrical play. Humans are accustomed to social reactions to a number of familiar things (e.g., fear, hate, love, etc.) and will respond accordingly. But are these responses natural or acted?

  9. Understanding society’s collective common sense as a goal in attaining knowledge. Do you believe that the goal most people have is to merely understand what others know or is it to advance their own knowledge?

  10. How people will do what they are told to do in an attempt to conform. Why do people take orders from managers, bosses, leaders, etc.? Why is this behavior still active today?

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