The Top 20 Fresh Sociology Research Paper Topic Ideas

Before students can begin researching their sociology paper, they need to find a good thesis statement. Some of the best ideas can be found online. Free websites, writing manuals and academic web pages offer ideas for writing a sociology research paper. Students who need some extra help can always read through the following ideas.

Research Paper Topic Ideas for Sociology

  1. Are interracial children more likely to be accepted in an urban school than another student? How do urban schools compare to rural schools in this regard?
  2. What is the type of relationship that baby boomers have with their children? How is this different from modern parents and their children.
  3. Look at two different cultures. How do people socialize in different ways? In particular, how are public spaces divided between women and men in a different culture?
  4. Recently, one of the Nordic countries started encouraging the use of a gender neutral pronoun in preschools. Do different countries utilize different techniques for gender socialization?
  5. One hundred years ago, it was common for adults to marry their high school sweetheart. How has the Internet and online dating changed the type of person that someone chooses to marry?
  6. How has the Internet changed the way that modern children communicate with each other?
  7. What is the effect of the media and pop culture on human interactions?
  8. Choose two different cultures and look at their business practices. How do business practices differ between different countries?
  9. How is homosexuality dealt with in different cultures? What are the different views on homosexuality?
  10. What are some of the differences in greetings in different countries or time periods?
  11. How is the caste system set up in India? Does it still limit people from holding jobs or living in certain areas?
  12. Are boys who play with dolls more likely to demonstrate empathy?
  13. If parents cannot get along, are the children better off with the parents divorced?
  14. The older generation in the United States did not grow up with computers. How has this affected them today?
  15. Should toy companies stop following gender stereotypes about what is a girls' or boys' toy?
  16. Discuss the sociology of voluntary associations and choose a specific thesis.
  17. What causes social stratification?
  18. What defines family sociology in the 21st century?
  19. What are the contributing factors that cause juvenile delinquency? How is this problem dealt with by society?
  20. How do different societies decide the definition of sexual deviance? How are deviants punished?

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