Top 20 Suggestions For Research Paper Topics On Abortion

Initially this topic area may sound very daunting but by looking at some of the choices that are available and the perspectives or points of view that can be researched and discussed you may find that there are several options that are open to you that you had not considered prior to being set this assignment.

Ideally you need to focus on the different points of view that are related to different fields of study that you may choose to cover. You could choose to investigate aspects of the law; the medical criteria and complications ; the psychological implications; the sociological point of view or you could try to amalgamate two or three of the fields to give an overall picture

These are the top 20 suggestions for your research paper on abortion.

  1. Consider the medical complications that may happen during an abortion (think here of both the medical and psychological factors)
  2. Look at the historical aspects of abortion and the stigma attached to the social situation at the time (look at the safety issues verses the social issues).
  3. Why has the number of abortions risen (or declined) over the past decade. Can you offer a solution to bring the number of abortions down to a lower rate?
  4. Look at the legalities of abortion and compare the laws that are in place in the US and how it varies in between states,
  5. What is society's response to abortion. How has this changed over the decades and what changes would you propose to make to the system.
  6. What is the psychological impact for a mother who has been advised to have an abortion for medical complications/reasons?
  7. What are your views on abortion? How do you justify your point of view. This is personal but this option gives you the chance to channel your view with supporting evidence.
  8. Is abortion the responsibility of society or is it the responsibility of the individual? Ague your case giving supporting evidence.
  9. Is it socially and ethically correct to allow an abortion to go ahead if the parents wanted a child of particular sex.
  10. If a teenager becomes pregnant should her be allowed to force her to have an abortion? Look at the legalities as well as the individual's situation.
  11. Should girls who have learning difficulties be forced to have an abortion because they may not be good mother's?
  12. What considerations are given about the trauma that the father suffers when his child is aborted? What research evidence supports this?
  13. Should parents be allowed to abort their child if they feel that they cannot realistically economically?
  14. What is the most unreasonable excuse for having an abortion? This topic could open up quite a few areas that you may not have considered.
  15. There have been cases where clinics and doctors have been targeted by anti-abortionists to the point where staff have been physically attacked. Is this appropriate?
  16. What are the after effects of an abortion? Are women and their families supported in the same way as other's who have been bereaved?
  17. How would you bring about changes to the laws that govern abortion? What research do you feel needs to take place to to support changes in the law?
  18. There is the school of thought that some people use abortion as a form of contraception? How has this come about?
  19. Consider the aspects of abortion that are governed by religion. Has this changed over the years? Is the religious point of view out of date?
  20. What are the medical complications or reasons why a doctor may advise an abortion? Is a Doctor psychologically prepared to perform an abortion?

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