Science Research Paper Topics: 20 Unresolved Problems To Explore 

Every science subject includes lots of interesting ideas that can be successfully explored in your research project. If you want to create a good paper, you should choose a strong topic. It should be appealing to you, original, and current. You are also supposed to add new knowledge to the science area of your interest. Therefore, pick the problem that is fully or partially unresolved. This can be any controversial, widely discussed, or, on the contrary, obscure issue that does not have one strict solution. Make use of the following research topic suggestions to understand what kinds of science problems are considered to be unresolved.

  1. Recent developments in nanotechnology: do they really make medicine better?
  2. What are the risks involved in the field?

  3. Perspectives of nanotechnology research: should it be financially supported by the government or is it a mere waste of time and money?

  4. Stem cell research: what are the benefits and risks involved?

  5. Cancer prevention: are there any real and effective suggestions? Explore recent developments in the field.

  6. Treating leukemia: which treatment methods are the most effective nowadays?
  7. Why some of the methods work better (worse)?

  8. Gene therapy: what are the moral and religious views on the problem?
  9. Analyze why this developing kind of treatment is considered to be unacceptable in some countries.

  10. Effects of global warming on spreading tropical diseases to the north.
  11. Is this situation inevitable or are there any hidden nuances in the scenario?

  12. Chinese medicine versus Western medicine.
  13. Can Chinese traditional methods of treatment be better sometimes? When?

  14. Global threat: can the Earth collide with a large asteroid?
  15. Explore possible methods of prevention.

  16. Living on other planets: do we really need it?
  17. Isn’t it better to improve our planet instead?

  18. Are microwaves to blame for cancer?
  19. Analyze the recent research results in your paper.

  20. Humans and Neanderthals: do they really have common origins?

  21. Development of human speech: are existing theories strong enough?

  22. Behavioral epigenetics: what kind of science is it?
  23. Does it rely on objective evidence?

  24. Artificial food: how much do we risk when consuming such products?

  25. Why some types of cancer are treated easier and some are practically incurable?

  26. Pandemic threat: what are the risks that new viruses will kill lots of people all over the world?

  27. Preventing the dementia: is it really possible?

  28. Investigation into new technologies for disabled people: is there any place for improvement?

  29. Individual genome profiling: looking into the pros and cons.

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