How To Organize A Robotics Research Paper In Chicago Format

A typical Chicago style research paper on robotics consists of a title page, contents, body pages, and a bibliography or sources consulted page. If you’re not familiar with this format, it’s a good idea to get a writing manual or attend a relevant workshop in the school writing center. You may also find a well-written sample or simply follow the guidelines below.

How to Organize Information in Your Research Paper about Robotics

  • Limit the number of subheadings.
  • Chicago style doesn’t require a specific design of headings. However, it’s recommended to use no more than two or three levels of subheadings. Each one should have a substantial amount of content under it, e.g. don’t write a separate chapter about a particular type of robots unless it is somehow important. So, skip a subheading if it’s the only one at its level.

  • Format the subheadings correctly.
  • You aren’t required to use letters, Roman numerals, or numbers to label the subheadings. You still have to differentiate each level of subhead from each other. The major ones should stand out more than the others. You may use a bold font and center it while the lower subheadings are flush left.

  • Use numbered lists if needed.
  • If you want to provide a classification of robots or the areas of their application, you may use a numbered list to organize everything properly. Remember that these lists should maintain parallel structure, and follow the same syntax, concept, and grammar. In case you have only a few items in a list, you should better include them in a sentence.

  • Display a large amount of information in a table.
  • The Chicago style provides simple guidelines for using tables. First, you should avoid using vertical lines. Second, arrange your data in columns and keep the presentation as simple as possible. Third, label each table and number it using Arabic numerals. It’s also important to introduce the table and then explain it in your text.

What Research Areas to Consider While Writing about Robotics

  1. How to control artificial intelligence.
  2. Understanding of system dynamics and modeling in robotic systems.
  3. How to improve robot perception.
  4. Traditional and emerging fields of machine design and integration.
  5. Human-robot interaction issues.
  6. How to reduce maintenance costs.
  7. The economic benefits of automated systems for all industries.
  8. How to build machines able to operate in open space.
  9. Using robots in medicine: ethical aspects.
  10. The future of personal robotics.

Tips, Hints And Bright Topics

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