World History Term Paper Ideas: 20 Topics Worth A Discussion

World history can be a very interesting subject for many students, but not all of them can successfully compose a paper. Since it is such a versatile topic, there are many issues that need to be analyzed from different points of view. Besides, the ideas need to be exposed in a logic and chronologic order, and you need to memorize and integrate a lot of exact information. As long as you are passionate about the idea that you analyze, you can create a great paper.

  1. The history of your country. This is one of the most simple, but also the most interesting topics that you can choose. Besides, there is plenty of information available.
  2. Roman Empire. The years of glory, the most important leaders and the social norms of the society. It was quite similar to the modern one, except for some practices.
  3. Ancient Egypt. The building of pyramids, the writing system, and the whole mystery that surrounds this civilization; this can turn into a great paper.
  4. World Wars. You can choose anyone of them and discuss the causes, the casualties, and the participants.
  5. The Versailles treaty. Maybe one of the most important agreements that were signed in Europe.
  6. Palestine-Israel. There is a big conflict in this area surrounding what each nationality thinks it’s their land.
  7. The Inquisition. In those times in Europe, anything against the church could be punished with death.
  8. Communism. Discuss about the general political system and what were the main principles.
  9. Soviet Union. Why and how was it formed and how it disappeared; this powerful alliance left a lot of damages behind.
  10. The revolution from Romania. The only bloody revolution against communism from Europe, it is still considered a black spot on the history of the country.
  11. Tutankhamun. Considered to be the most powerful child in the history, he had a short but significant life.
  12. Latin languages. Spread all over Europe and not only, all Latin language are very similar and once you know one of them, it is pretty easy to understand the others.
  13. The history of religions. Discuss in general about the concept of religion and what are the biggest religions of the world.
  14. The first forms of writing. Writing is a practice that started thousands of years ago, and it constantly evolved until the shape we have today.
  15. The British Empire. It reached the far corners of Asia and today many isolated areas of the world speak English, as a proof of the colonies.
  16. Hiroshima bomb. The proof that a simple mistake can destroy a city in a matter of seconds, discuss the circumstances that caused this tragedy.
  17. The cold war. Analyze the effects of this war and discuss the general characteristics of it.
  18. Easter traditions. This can be very fun and very interesting for your classmates, and you have the chance to find out about other cultures.
  19. The industrial revolution. Discuss the major impact it had on humanity and what were the negative consequences of it.
  20. Victorian Era. Present the rules of the society, social division, and economic power of the era.

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