Guide For Writing An APA Style Research Paper On ADHD

ADHD has been explored recently, with many groundbreaking discoveries. If you are an education or medical major, you may be assigned an essay or research paper on this topic. Most science papers are written in a format called the APA. This style was first developed for psychology majors. Now it is used for most science and math papers; however, a teacher can pick the format that the want students to use.

There are quite a few places where you can go to get a guide on this particular format. Keep in mind that there are style changes almost every year, so whatever you use to help you, make sure it is an up-to-date version. Once you find one that you like, make sure to bookmark or download it for future use. Also make sure to keep copies of all the papers you have ever written. You can actually use your old papers as a model for your new work.

Some things the tool you use should have data on the following:

  • The abstract- a short, 100-3300 word summary, on what your paper says. It is written after you finish the paper, but goes near the front of it. It is not a complete re-telling of the entire paper, but instead a very brief summary of the paper and tools used to get his result. It is important.
  • The title page-all items are centered and it is very specific which items should be included. It will be spaced specifically and have things like the date and your school’s name.
  • In-text citations have a date and the author, but do not have a page number like other formats. They look something like this: (Burgess, 2001).
  • Key Terms will be listed after the abstract. Key terms are important especially if they are technical in nature. This format requires a key term listing. But a lot of people forget this.
  • Headers and titles are included. The different sections will have centered titles and each page will have a header and a page number. Make sure your model shows you how this should look.
  • You will have many other things that other formats, such as MLA or Chicago, have such as sources, a bibliography page, a thesis statement, an introduction, and a conclusion. Just find a food model, and it can keep you straight as you do your work.

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