Searching For An APA Format Term Paper Outline Example

So you’ve done the readings, collected the research, analysed the data and written a million notes. Now it’s time to turn your hard work into a term paper, and you know it has to be written in APA format. What’s that again?

The easy answer is to try looking for an example online, but there are a few tips to think about which will help guide you to the most useful results.

  1. Images
  2. The first thing to consider is an image search. This style is about more than just structure, and image results will be able to provide you with visual tips to do with what your finished product should look like.

  3. Be Discerning
  4. Check the source of the papers you choose to use as your examples. Not all websites are equal when it comes to finding what you need, and so to the writers. Check the writer’s credentials to make sure that you are following the lead of someone who is worth listening to. Someone who has just attempted their first assignment of this nature, for instance, is not going to be the most trustworthy source.

  5. Subject
  6. Consider the nature of the assignment you are working on, and find something which is in a similar vein. This way you will not only gain guidelines for your formatting and layout, you will also have some idea on extra items such as tables if these are relevant to your work.

  7. Multiple Examples
  8. Don’t jump ahead and use the first thing that looks about right. Choose at least two to examine in detail, so that you will be better informed when you come to use this kind of formatting for yourself.

  9. Narrow down your results with some clever search terms
  10. This is the best web-surfing advice I have ever been given, and it’s simple to learn and to use!

Search operators are terms that can be added to your keywords. Some common ones are:


When you use a dash in front of one of your words, it excludes results for that word or site. For instance a search for marigold will return many hits about the flower, but by typing marigold –flower you’ll get results about the films.

If you want to find an exact word or phrase, type it in between speech marks.


You can find all pages that link to a particular page. Many university sites will tell you all the sites that link to the Cambridge University’s Institute of Astronomy page.


When you type in two words, results typically show pages where both words occur. If you would like to see pages that include one or the other, type a capitalized OR between the words.


This will make sure all the returned results are from a particular website. For instance, you might enter your college to only receive results from there.

Tips, Hints And Bright Topics

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