12 Compelling Research Paper Topics About Mental Illnesses

Mental illness is a serious topic and quite a sad one for many. It can be really life altering to find out that someone you were once close with, is still alive but no longer able to interact with you in a normal way, or any way at all. This is a heart wrenching experience and quite possibly, could be responsible for the creation of more illness occurrences among the victim’s loved ones.

Naturally, because of the severity and closeness of this issue, countless research studies are underway in attempts to find solution to these difficult problems. Sadly, most of the treatments we have are presently still very experimental, which, I suppose, could be seen as an opportunity for the eager researcher.

In your search for ideas, be mindful of the following:

  • Mental Illnesses are not all equal
  • Some people are dangerous and must be institutionalized while others can take medication or do therapy and lead regular lives. Specify or risk stereotyping.

  • Treatments are not universally effective
  • We’re all human but we’re also all unique. A chemical may be effective on the majority of patients but not on a few. Studies need to account for those differences.

  • Treatments are not universally accepted
  • There are very effective treatments that have been laboratory tested which remain illegal or taboo for many. Among these are cannabis and ketamine.

The following is a list of 12 compelling research paper topics about mental illnesses:

  1. Feeling ‘crazy’: How stigma prevents the mentally ill from seeking help
  2. Can meditation significantly improve depression and anxiety?
  3. Does the misuse of terms like ‘schizophrenia’ and ‘psychopathy’ hinder advancement in their study?
  4. Has Cannabis legalization significantly decreased the incidence of depression?
  5. How does being in a war zone affect the mental stability of the entire population?
  6. Can psychoactive herbs that are typically classified as drugs help in the maintenance of a sound mind?
  7. Does social media encourage antisocial and pathological behaviors in young adults?
  8. Does corporal punishment received in childhood increase the risk of anxiety in adulthood?
  9. Are modern parenting trends breeding Narcissistic Personality Disorders?
  10. Should mentally ill people ever be institutionalized?
  11. To what extent is mental illness curable?
  12. How can the loved ones of depressed people be trained to spot concealed suicidal ideation?

You can tailor the topics to refer to specific illnesses as your research requires.

Tips, Hints And Bright Topics

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