What Are Good Topics For A Research Paper: Tips & Examples

Writing a research paper will be a similar process each time. You will always want to start with an interesting idea and plenty of research. You will organize your ideas and this research into an outline—then use this outline to follow while writing. Now, how can you be sure your idea is a good topic for a research paper? Below we have outlined some tips for making a selection and some examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Tips for Selection

  1. Understand Instructions
  2. By having a clear understanding of the prompt and rubric you will be sure to select the most relevant topic. Sometimes detailed information is given in these areas, and you may overlook these crucial details if you do not thoroughly read these preparation materials.

  3. Consider Personal Interest
  4. Think about what you find most interesting—this is what you should be writing about. Not only will this help hold you attention throughout the paper process, because you will feel personally interested, but it will also result in better writing. Writing that you feel passionately about will always be more intriguing and engaging than writing about something you find disinteresting or unappealing.

  5. Evaluate Audience
  6. In addition to what you find interesting, the interests of your reader or readers is important, too. Think about your audience and evaluate their preferences. Although you do not need to cater to your audience, you also want to do some evaluation. For instance, when writing for an audience of middle school students you would write about something different than a dissertation at the graduate level.

  7. Complete Prep Research
  8. Once you have a shortlist of ideas you feel confident about, you will want to complete some prep research. By searching in advance, before committing to a topic, you can determine whether or not there is enough available information. You want to be sure there are plenty of primary and secondary resources available to make a strong argument.

  9. Consult Advisor
  10. Lastly, if this an option to you, you can always consult an outsider for another perspective. Visit an advisor, instructor, peer, or other confidant for an additional perspective on your direction for your paper.

Examples for Inspiration

  • Science
    • Quantum Physics
    • Electromagnetism
    • Chemistry in the World
  • History
    • American History
    • Human Geography
    • Anthropology
  • Art
    • Art History
    • Mediums Through Time
    • Early Art
  • Math
    • Factoring Techniques
    • Purpose of Trinomials
    • Derivatives
  • Literature
    • Poetry
    • Symbolism
    • Novellas

Tips, Hints And Bright Topics

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