Writing An Interesting Drug Education Term Paper: Helpful Hints

Drug education, right, where do I start? You are incredibly fortunate to have been given this term paper to write and while, yes, some of you will be rolling your eyes and wondering where on earth you should start. Let me just say that this is an amazing opportunity.

Drug use is the source of major debate within society. With people on both sides of the argument having some pretty strong opinions about how the subject should be addressed. Provided that you have some imagination and a little passion for social issues then writing an interesting paper on this subject shouldn’t be a tall order. If you are still in need of a little inspiration then hopefully you will find my helpful hints of some use:

  • Try looking at this from different viewpoints
  • Forget for now that you are a student. You need to do a little role play and try and get your head around the roles of drug user, support worker, and victim of drug-related crimes. By doing this, you should find one that jumps out at you, and you will be able to frame your paper around that.

  • Take off your rose tinted glasses
  • Whether you have had a comfortable middle-class upbringing or your parents are from more of a working class background, you need to leave any perceptions that you have about drugs and drug use at the door. Viewing the whole subject with total impartiality is the only way to be able to write an interesting term paper that engages the audience.

  • Try and visit some groups
  • Depending upon which angle you want to write this from, and then I would strongly advice attempting to visit some support groups; either for drug offenders or victims. By meeting with real people, you will be able to find out some true life experiences that will help shape your assignment.

  • Write objectively
  • Now that you have done all of the above, I am going to ask you put aside the inevitable flurry of emotions that you will be feeling right now and write your assignment objectively.

  • Aim for originality
  • You really should be fully immersed in your subject now and shouldn’t find it too difficult to look at it from a place of originality. Writing something fresh and original that blows your tutor’s mind away is the best possible way of securing that all important good grade.

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