Selecting An Impressive Research Paper Topic About World War II

World War II was in a sense a continuation of the first war. The details, reasons, and events all make up a very important background to the event. There are many areas that could be explored in a composition, however, if you are looking for a fresh approach, you can use out hints and suggestions.

Impressive WW II Research Paper Ideas

  • Hitler and how rejection with talents, jobs, and women guided his course in politics
  • Japan and the role of the Emperor, why he felt he had to attack the United States
  • The trenches of France and Belgium-a new and horrific way of fighting
  • The advancements and modifications of military airplanes and air tactics
  • The Prime Minster mess up with Chamberlain, where he went wrong and how he thought he was protecting Great Britain
  • Getting to know Prime Minister Churchill, when he takes his role after Neville Chamberlain
  • The Royal Air Force and the United States military, a bond of unusual proportions
  • Saving the art of Europe from the Nazis, how much was saved and how much was lost
  • King George and his brave stance on remaining in London during the bombings
  • The German connections and the British Royal family, a house divided
  • BMW and its Nazi roots, are the rumors true
  • Famous People who supported the Nazis, who and why did they support them
  • The Eastern European Ghettos, what they were like, where they were located, and who was sent there
  • The Night of Broken Glass, a timeline of events
  • The aftermath of the concentration camps and what was found in them
  • Pearl Harbor and the morning of December, 7, what happened and why
  • The fighting in the Pacific arena, the success, the failures, and the generals who led the troops
  • The big bomb and Japan, the strikes, the reasons, the consequences
  • The presidents who dealt with the event and their support cast
  • The women of the fighting and the various roles they played in the different countries
  • The cost of the battles, a breakdown on the monetary, lives, art and buildings, and respect lost during tis lengthy fight
  • How fighting on three fronts(Africa, Europe, and Asia) almost caused the Allies to lose the entire event
  • Submarines and U-Boats and the part they played in the battles on water, how close did the U-Boats come to the United States

Tips, Hints And Bright Topics

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