A Detailed Guide On How To Cite A Scientific Research Paper Correctly

References are referred in three ways when making scientific citations. The resources targeted during citation are journal articles, books and other materials used in developing the paper. In text references take three formats namely;

  • Citation sequence
  • Name and year
  • Citation-name

The above citations are used to recognize or identify materials listed at the back of your work. The method used in citing works referenced in your research paper will determine the order in which the resources appear in the bibliography. The systems used in citation are largely differentiated by the name of author and year of publication.

The citation method used depends on the policy guidelines issued by your institution. Tutors and supervisors issue guidelines regarding referencing when issuing the assignment. Though instructions vary from one institution to the other, there are common citation rules that must be followed. Here are guidelines that will assist you in particular cases.

  • Name-Year
  • This method is commonly referred to as the Harvard System. The system is marked by the use of the sir name or names of authors alongside the years of publication. At the end of the paper, the references will not be numbered. Instead, they will be listed in an alphabetical order. In case several works of the same author have been cited, their listing takes a chronological order.

  • Journal
  • Authors of journals are listed in the order in which their works appear in the original text. The publication year follows the list of the authors. Periods are used to separate such items as title of journal, publication date, author, etc. In case an article has two authors, a comma is used in the list of references but an “and” is used in the actual text.

  • Books
  • Periods are used to separate information about authors, book titles, publication details, etc. The information included on a single citation at the reference section depends on the author. It could include the volume number as well as the page. Documents produced in other languages other than English can also be cited as such. Where there are more than three authors, “et al” is used to denote signal that.

  • Other Works
  • In case other works like newspapers, dissertations and thesis are cited, such details must be specified. The type of material cited is written inside parenthesis just before the city of publication. Ensure that your citation provides very specific details including the date for such resources as newspapers and web entries.

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