Basic Characteristics Of A Good Research Paper On Global Health

Global health is a broad topic. However, regardless of the length of your research paper, there are some basic characteristics that your essay should possess. Here is what you should include:

  1. An Appropriate Topic
  2. The first component that you must have is an appropriate topic. The topic of your research paper should be both relevant to your subject matter and the right size. If you are unsure if your topic is appropriate for your class, then ask your teacher. Also, be sure that the topic is the right size for the paper you are writing. You do not want to end up with too much or too little information on a topic.

  3. Proper Formatting
  4. Proper formatting is key for any essay. Always refer to your instructor’s specific instructions for the project. If there are not specific guidelines, then use APA, MLA, or any other formats that your professor requested for previous assignments. If you are unsure of which format to use, ask your teacher.

  5. A Strong Thesis
  6. Another basic characteristic of an excellent paper on global health is a strong thesis. The thesis is probably the most important sentence in your entire paper. It tells the reader what your point is and how you are going to prove it. The thesis statement is able to set the tone for the entire essay and it is crucial to your paper’s success.

  7. Appropriate Details
  8. The details that you include for your paper should help prove your thesis statement. If you include extra facts, they decrease the credibility of your paper. If you do not include enough details, then your reader may feel as if you did not prove your point. Choosing the right details will help guide your reader in the right direction as they read your paper.

    You should also have these details organized properly. Even if all of your information is there, you still must put it together for your reader. If your facts are disorganized, then your point is going to come across as muddled or unclear.

  9. Facts
  10. The final thing that your research paper on global health should contain is facts. Factual data is important because it can help you prove your thesis. As you gather facts, however, be sure that your data is coming from reliable sources! You do not want to get a lower grade for trusting the wrong source.

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