How To End A History Research Paper Introduction

The introduction in an academic paper is significant both in purpose and volume. It is generally prescribed to keep the introduction of the paper short and pointed. But as you must already know, some exceptions apply for each genre of paper. Many believe that the exception for the history research paper is in the introduction of the paper. Here are some things that you would like to note about the introduction in history papers.

  • History papers do not take the usual introduction
  • It is always a safe start to know that introductions in history papers are nothing like introductions in any other research papers. There is a lot of homework that goes into making the introduction swift and detailed. You will have to be elaborate at times and explain the pretext for them.

  • The pretext is built in the introduction itself
  • Unlike most other academic papers, the introduction of the history paper seeks to build the pretext of the paper. You will have to be clear about the facts that you will highlight in the introduction and iron out discrepancies by providing supporting facts.

  • You will have to be unbiased when ending the introduction
  • Do not end the introduction by ending on one side of the scale. Readers like to head into the paper with an unbiased mind and you will have to control the number of hours that you spend while doing the introduction. Do not stretch too long lest you should end up addled.

  • The end of the introduction needs to be furnished in lucid style
  • Do not go overboard on the overboard with the language when trying to make a conclusion for the history paper. There needs to be a feeling of simplicity in the last few lines of the paper. This gives out the feeling that the writer is assured of his own points.

  • The chapter must be summarized in the last paragraph
  • Summarizing the introduction in the last paragraph is important in that it will clear out the air about the nature of work. You will find this online resource helpful when trying to summarize the chapter.

  • The last paragraph of the introduction should open up the debate
  • This is a crucial point that most new writers seem to miss. The paragraph must be a summary of the chapter and at the same time it should set the tone for the rest of the debate. The challenge is to achieve this without being biased toward any end.

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