4 Hints To Keep In Mind Looking For Free Term Papers In The MLA Format

When you are studying in the liberal arts or the humanities fields you will often be asked to follow the standard MLA format. MLA or Modern Language Association is a style of writing that highlights how sources and citations are formatted. The MLE will help to provide guidelines for any citations within the text, quotes, referencing sources, footnotes, and all types of references and links within a document. So, if you are looking for examples of free term papers you will want to ensure that the paper follows the proper guidelines so that it is not rejected due to formatting.

Use these four hints when searching for free term papers and you will avoid any formatting issues:

  • Hint One – Follow the formatting requirements. There are several basic formatting guidelines that MLA papers must follow to meet the requirements.
    • Double space all text within the body of the document
    • Print on 8.5 x 11 inch size paper
    • Use a legible font
    • Leave only one space after periods instead of the standard two
    • Margins on all sides must be exactly 1 inch
    • The first line of every paragraph must be indented
    • Italics can be used for titles
  • Hint Two – Formatting specific pages
    • Do not use a title page unless you are instructed to do so
    • All endnotes should be included on their own page
    • Use a separate page for any works that have been cited and use the title notes
  • Hint Three – Headers and Identification
    • The first page of the paper should include your name, the instructors name, the course number and the date in the upper left had corner
    • All numbers should be Arabic numbers
    • The upper right hand corner should show your last name and the page number
  • Hint Four – Numbered Sections
    • The paper should be divided into sections and each section should be numbered
    • All sections should have a name

While this list of requirements may be especially cumbersome, it is used to limit the amount of variation that instructors see from document to document and provide a clear and concise format for students to use. When you are searching for a free term paper, make sure that it follows each one of these requirements or you will be spending time reformatting the entire paper.

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