Interesting Research Paper Topics About Music: Top 24 Questions

For a student who loves music, he or she would find writing a research paper on music more fun that a paper on literary or scientific issues. Whether the topic is hinged on instrumental, vocals, or theory, there would always be an abundance of music topics for students to choose from. If therefore, you are not yet convinced on the topic you should write on, here are some interesting music questions you should answer through your academic paper. They are as follows:

  • The music scene – What has changed over the years?
  • Who were the most influential performers in a given era?
  • What are the elements that determine “classical” music?
  • In what ways is music relevant to dance?
  • What are the things that help a new musician make it to the top in the industry?
  • What lucrative careers should already established musicians pursue?
  • Your physical health and music – What is the relationship?
  • What is the impact of music on a person’s mental health?
  • What are the various marketing strategies in the music industry?
  • What are the acceptable methods of marketing music to various age groups?
  • Categorization of music – What effect does it have on overall sales?
  • Where would music “albums” be in the near future?
  • What are tribute bands?
  • Music and fashion – What is the relationship?
  • Which enjoys more popularity – Rock and Roll or Classical music?
  • How can music be properly utilized in adverts?
  • Is the number of tribute bands increasing or decreasing and why?
  • In what ways is music used during conflicts?
  • Music and learning – What is the relationship?
  • What kind of music is good for soothing a troubled mind?
  • What is the role of music in children’s development?
  • Can music help in memorization?
  • Music and poetry – Is there a relationship?
  • What is origin of rap music and its impact on teenagers?

In choosing a topic for your research paper on music, make sure you narrow down your topic so that you can write more meaningfully. If you choose to settle for topics that are unique and arguable, it would further enhance the credibility of your paper. Another thing you should put into consideration when choosing a topic is its appropriateness to your class. You can also manipulate some existing topics to arrive on an interesting topic for your paper. Most importantly, your choice of topic should come mostly from that genre of music you enjoy or appreciate.

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