What Does A Term Paper Proposal Look Like: An Academic Guide

At one point in your academic career, you will be asked to prepare a term paper proposal. If it’s your first time to encounter such a task, the first question that comes to mind is-“what does a term paper proposal look like?” Here is an academic guide to help you with the general structure.

  • Thesis
  • The opening paragraph of a term paper proposal should have a thesis statement. The thesis should introduce the proposal. A thesis is a sentence or statement that presents what your entire paper is about. In your paper, the rest of your discussion is supposed to be related to the thesis statement that you have already presented.

  • Introduction
  • The next section in a term paper proposal is the introduction. The introduction usually consists of several sentences that are meant to help the reader gain a deeper understanding into what they are going to learn about with respect to the selected topic. You need to ensure that the introduction to your proposal is concise and to the point in order to capture the reader’s attention instantly. The points that you make in the introduction section should be straightforward in order to be clear in the mind of the reader.

  • The Body
  • The next essential section of the proposal is the body. It usually consists of several paragraphs. In the initial paragraphs, you are supposed to outline some theories, thoughts, concepts and facts about the main topic of the paper. Only the most important details or information should be listed in this section. Ensure that all the solid facts have been presented at this stage. As a general rule, the body section of the proposal should contain a minimum of three paragraphs. The paragraphs should be approximately three to four sentences in length. While each paragraph should present a different idea, all the information presented in each paragraph should be directly related to the main topic and the thesis statement.

  • Conclusion
  • This is the final section of the proposal. Most students often don’t realize the value of the conclusion but you should avoid making a similar misjudgment. The conclusion must also be as concrete as the rest of the other sections of the proposal. As a general rule, the conclusion should be one paragraph that contains approximately four to five sentences in length. Only include strong statements that support the rest of the information in the other sections of the paper.

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