Writing The Body Of A Research Paper About Computer Addiction

In the present day scenario computer addiction can make a very interesting topic to research on. Computers play an important role in our daily life, whether we consider its importance in our professional fields or educational. True it has made a lot of things easier. It has nonetheless become an addiction as well. People are becoming more and more dependent on computers to get simple things done. Researching on computer addictions would have a number of aspects to cover.

Writing the Body of a Research Paper

A research paper consists generally of three distinct parts. The introduction part, the body and conclusion followed by the references. The body is the part that includes the main analysis on the topic. It deals with the different aspects and features of the topic and then reaches at a definite conclusion. Therefore writing the body of a research paper is one of the most important parts to take care of.

How to Write the Body of a Research Paper

  • There are a few rules that should be followed while writing the body. Since your research paper is on computer addictions the body would focus first on the problems such kind of addiction lead to and its impact on different aspects of life whether physical, emotional or psychological.

  • After introducing you readers to the paper, move on to the analysis part, that is, the body, by adopting a logical course. It will be consisting of the main aspects that point at the problems with references to support them as well.

  • The first paragraph can be started with an explanation of how computer addiction is rapidly spreading amongst kids and adults alike.

  • The body may also consist of statistical information on certain aspects of the topic such as how widespread is the problem of computer amongst different age groups.

  • The body may also consist of information of different forms of computer addiction. For example a group of people might be addicted with computer games whereas some others spend more time on social networking sites than they spend with real people. There are several other examples of computer addiction that can be discussed and analyzed in your paper.

  • All the facts that you include in your paper must be supported by facts and details otherwise it would fail to assume credibility amongst the readers who would be referring to it.

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