12 Interesting Video Game Research Paper Ideas For Middle School Students

Everyone loves video games. From Kids to Adults, Video games have shown us a world we always dreamed about. In recent years, video games have been put under the microscope. High school students, college students, and even Congress have analyzed and continue to analyze video games. With so many articles, papers, and conferences about video games, it’s sometimes hard to come up with ideas. Younger students want to share their video games but don’t know how or do know what to write about. Here are twelve video game research paper ideas for middle school students that will help them write the best paper they can write.

  • 12. Video game rating system
  • We all seen it, we all heard of it, but what does it all mean? What does Rated E mean, or rated T
  • 11. Who plays more video games, boys or girls?
  • The age old question. Many girls are now starting to open up about playing video games, but who really plays more video games boys or girls?
  • 10. The History of Minecraft
  • Minecraft is big right now, and it only seems to keep on growing. With what seems like a limitless building possibilities, kids and adults are building crazy and really incredible things on Minecraft. How did the game got started, who invented Minecraft, there is a lot of questions about this game and its history.
  • 09. Handheld or home consoles? Which do kids like more?
  • We see them in stores. PSP, Nintendo DS, PlayStation, and Xbox, but what are kids playing on? Are they playing more on their home console or are they playing more with their handheld ones?
  • 08. Do playing video games make kids fat?
  • With more and more Kids in America overweight, many people are blaming video games. Is it true?
  • 07. Are mobile games taking over?
  • Almost everyone has a smartphone, and almost everyone has at least one game on their smartphone. With smartphones getting more and more affordable, is it taking over the video game scene?
  • 06. Sony Microsoft or Nintendo, which console is better?
  • With so many consoles out in stores, many kids don’t know which one to ask, but is one company really better than the other?
  • 05. PC gaming VS Console gaming
  • Some people like to play games on their computer. People like to play games on their gaming console. But why do people think one is better than the other?
  • 04. Can videos game teach kids?
  • Kids play video games for fun, but can video games really teach young kids their ABCs and 123s?
  • 03. Do shooting games make kills more violent?
  • Another age old question. Many parents and Congress believe violent video games or video games that have to shoot in it make kids violent.
  • 02. Should games have more female characters?
  • Many girls feel video games don’t have enough female characters. Is it true? Do people feel the same way or is it just girls that do?
  • 01. History of video game Consoles
  • Everyone plays video games, but not everyone knows the history of video games or the history of a video game console.

There are many topics you can come up with about video games. Video games are created for people to enjoy. There is a video game out there for everyone so get out there and find a video game for you.

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