Research Paper Ideas: A List Of Controversial Topics

When you write, the main aim is to get people reading. A good way to ensure people’s interest is to start talking about something controversial. The more controversial the topic, the better it is. As a researcher, life is also easier when you are researching a topic that has proven to have heightened people’s emotions because there will be a lot of information available about it. With this in mind, let’s explore some of the best topics that will generate a lot of debate and intense interest in your writing.

  1. Prostitution should be legalized
  2. With a clash of ideologies occurring between groups that regard prostitution as an unacceptable presence in society and those that defend a person’s right to earn a living, this is a hotly debated topic.

  3. The right to an expensive education
  4. Two persons have the same level of education but one is from an Ivy League university and the other from a community college. Who has a leg up in employment opportunities? Yes, you guessed right. Such is the way of the world and the injustice of it all makes for a good topic.

  5. Violence between sports fans
  6. Violence between fans in sports stadiums and in other places is a problem that just never seems to go away. This is particularly true of football (soccer) fans in Europe. Explore the origins and reasons for sports violence and the connection to violence in society in general.

  7. Immigration
  8. Immigration built the new worlds of the Americas and Australia. But now the very thing that built these places is the most hotly debated aspect of politics in Western countries. Explore the reasons why.

  9. The pursuit of black gold
  10. Oil is what makes the world go round. Control of oil is equated with ensuring a bright future for your country. A cynic thus may say that the troubles of the Middle East are a direct result of the quest for control of oil by various world powers. Expand on this idea.

  11. America and China, the control of high seas
  12. One of the main reasons for US military dominance worldwide is its control of the world’s oceans through an enormous naval fleet that includes everything from cruisers to aircraft carriers. With China now challenging the US hegemony of the oceans, especially close to its homeland, explore how this scenario will develop.

Tips, Hints And Bright Topics

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