Interesting Ideas For Writing A Research Paper On Autism Causes

Autism is one of the most widely written about mental conditions in the academia and you can rest assured you will not run out of resources when attempting to write a paper on any of its spheres. There are several papers that have been written in the past and the scope of research on the subject is simply huge. But there are a few things that you will have to consider very deeply before looking at a paper as sensitive as autism.

The causes of autism can be manifold. Since this does not happen during or immediately after an accident, there are several options that are open to interpretation. Here are some interesting ideas that will give you a jumpstart for the paper on autism.

  • The proven causes
  • Scientists and doctors from around the world have come out with some proven causes for autism. These may range from genetic disorders to acquired deficiency of the immune system. Whichever way you choose to look at it, it will only be fair to analyze the other causes that may have a role to play as well.

  • Drug abuse in parents
  • There are several cases of autism in children where the parents are victims of substance abuse. This is also one of the most debated causes of autism that very few people are willing to write on. You could make a novel attempt and try and establish the link between autism in children and drug abuse in parents.

  • Societal shaming and abuse
  • There are several grievous consequences of shaming and abuse in society. One of the most important things that you need to know is that there are several people that get to understand the most important aspects of the people that you are writing on. Autism could well have to do with social abuse and bullying.

  • Lack of proper generational nutrition
  • The nutrition of a few generations will need to be taken into account here. There are some very simple facts that might challenge this. However, you must also acknowledge the facts that food habits are often related to the culture of people. This could take a toll over a few generations.

  • Animal eating
  • The basics of animal easting can be debated well and there will be several people that will argue both for and against it. But the harmful nature of meat has been proven already and people will now be coming out with the possible research link to autism.

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