What To Know Looking For An APA Format Term Paper Sample

If you are writing a term paper, there are a few key things that you need to look for as it relates to the APA format. Make sure to pay attention to these to ensure that you don't have any points deducted from your work:


  • For starters, you want to ensure that you look at various examples online. As you do, make sure that they are using the proper method for citing references. For example, if someone just puts in a first and last name to indicate that someone wrote a particular article, that's not correct. You can have points deducted that way. That's why you want to use reputable sources like Cite Fast, which can show you similar work to help to ensure that as you cut and paste the different links that you use, it will convert them to the proper layout that your professor will accept.
  • Another way that you can find examples in this manner is to go to the actual APA website, which can give you examples to look at, as well. Pay attention to the layout and how they show websites, books, articles, etc.
  • Also, consider checking through your school, as they will likely have their own version of a reference check that you can find online. Your professor probably gave this out at the beginning of the semester, and it's usually located in the syllabus. The benefit of utilizing this is that it will help to ensure that your work is correct, and you won't have points taken off for small errors. For example, if you're missing the date, or if you don't have the publisher of the book, you can lose points for small things like that, as well.
  • Your school should also have a list of physical examples that you can view to help to guide you, and that's why you want to check with this valuable resource.
  • Another great way to find relevant materials is to Google the subject matter that you want to work on, and look at the various items that come up. Because you can see the layouts, this will help to guide you, just ensure that you're paying attention to how the references are listed. Make sure yours are categorized and then alphabetized, as well.

As long as you stick to these stringent methods of setting up your references, you can rest assured that you won't have to worry about and you won’t have points deducted for small errors that you may not be paying attention to.

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