General Tips On Writing A Research Paper About Media Violence

More and more parents are worried that their children are exposed, every day, to many violent scenes. Starting from commercials, movies and videogames, everything has one form of violence that can affect children in serious way. There was an increase in the number of bullying cases, and this kind of media is the primary reason for this. No matter how many efforts parents and teachers make, there is not much that they can solve as long as even cartoons have fight scenes. If you want to write a research paper about this topic, here is what you should consider:

  • Be realistic. You can not say that violence does not affect teenagers so much, when it’s clear for everyone that it does. You might be tempted to diminish the effect of explicit scenes that are presented in movies, but the truth is that those can lead to a deviant behavior when the child is growing up. Also, don’t try to find excuses. The parents should not have to supervise their child every moment of the day when they watch cartoons. The media should be responsible for the content that is promoted on TV.

  • Present official statics. Many people are not aware of the level of violence presented in movies and commercials. There are many organizations that present official statistics about all this, and you can easily introduce them in your paper. Make sure that you don’t make mistakes in number, because this can change the entire conclusion.

  • Discuss with a psychologist. He is the most suitable person to tell you how children can be affected by this. You can quote him in your paper, or take the information and write it in your personal style. Either way, the scientific perspective is always required, especially when it comes to research papers. Do not neglect it.

  • Ask questions from parents. Try to find out why the children watch his kind of movies, and how their behavior changed. Maybe they are influenced by other classmates, or they are just spending all their free time in front of the TV? Once you find out what the real problem is, you can start searching for solutions. You can give alternatives for this kind of programs, and ways to distract younger children from TV and videogames. This could be the next project of your class and your professor will be impressed with your work.

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