Coming Up With Research Paper Ideas On Health Care: Great Suggestions

Most if not all people want to live forever. As a result, health care is probably the most widely researched field of study today and many advancements are made daily. Despite all our advancements, there are many pressing health problems that still require intensive research.

Here are some Health Care research paper suggestions:

  1. Stem Cell Research
  2. A highly controversial topic of discussion in health, this research can lead to the ability to grow replacement organs and parts for humans.

  3. Genetic manipulation
  4. Some people would like to be able to control the features of an unborn child. Many argue that this type of manipulation may lead to drastic effects for the human species in the future.

  5. Cloning
  6. Though not uncommon in nature, many organisms use cloning as a means of reproduction, it is still highly controversial. Explore the possible benefits of cloning.

  7. Marijuana
  8. A naturally occurring drug that is receiving more and more attention from the professional health industry. Explore how the previous opinion of marijuana use has affected modern day health practices.

  9. Drug abuse
  10. Sometimes a doctor may prescribe a drug to treat a particular condition. After they have used the drug for the prescribed duration, patients develop an addiction for some of these drugs. Can these drugs be considered a proper means of treatment?

  11. Cost of Treatment
  12. We are all human and have the right to live a healthy life, however, economic situations usually dictate the availability and quality of medical treatment an individual may acquire. How can this be combated?

  13. Disease control
  14. With the advancement of technology the diseases are able to traverse the world in a matter of hours. This enables highly contagious diseases to spread across the world in a matter of days. Explore possible way of curbing or preventing the spread of diseases in the world today.

  15. More effective public health campaigns
  16. Explore ways of better creating awareness in the public about health concerns and benefits, especially those without much formal education.

  17. Utilizing the internet
  18. The internet has now become a stable entity in our modern lives. Explore ways the internet can improve medical practices, diagnosis and treatments.

  19. Education
  20. Many misconceptions about health practices exist, for example, some believe vaccination causes autism. These misconceptions lead to low vaccination rates in certain communities, which then enable contagious diseases, such as measles, to emerge in populations where the disease was under control. Explore ways of combating misconceptions about medical procedures.

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