List Of Interesting Gothic Literature Research Paper Topics

Gothic literature

Gothic literature mainly discusses horror fictions, which comprises of horror and romance. This kind of fictions was started in the year of 1764 when Horace Walpole wrote “The Castle of Otranto”. Since then plenty of work on horror genre came which impresses the readers. Ann Radcliffe, a famous author questioned the supernatural forces in the year of 1794. Since then plenty of work in horror has come in the form of novels, short stories, dramas and movies. Dracula is considered as the greatest horror character ever.

Dissertations and thesis on Gothic literature

Students who wish to do research papers on this topic will never feel bored as the topics from this area are interesting. Most of the students prepare thesis papers from Victorian era topics. Victorian era novels have a specific style. Most of the scenes from the novels in Victorian era will be in huge mansions.


The investigation part of thesis and dissertations from this area will be interesting and the information is easy to collect. There are plenty of novels and books available for the information. Plenty of websites also provide necessary details needed for your thesis.

Finding interesting research paper topics

If you decide to write a thesis or dissertation on Gothic literature, you have to find an interesting topic at the outset. Here are some interesting topics which may inspire the author to write a brilliant document.

  • Does issues of Victorian society get highlighted by gothic themes?
  • What do vampire women characters symbolize in Dracula novels?
  • Why bites from vampires is crucial?
  • How sexuality is defined in Dracula novels?
  • What are the modern examples of gothic novels?
  • Why the authors of Victorian period have used supernatural themes in their novels?
  • How gothic literature inspired movies and dramas in the 20th century?
  • Why Dracula is considered as the greatest horror character ever?
  • What do haunted houses in novels symbolizes Dracula novels?
  • What kind of attitude do Victorian authors have towards science?
  • Is Victorian period considered as the best phase for horror works?
  • Reasons for which author’s always focus on complicated or immoral characters .
  • Why short stories are significant in horror works?
  • Why do people prefer horror novels over short stories?

Once you select a topic that suits for your thesis work, conduct a detailed surveying on the topic and collect as many information and evidences.

Tips, Hints And Bright Topics

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