5 Main Pitfalls To Avoid While Searching For A Term Paper Proposal Example

To get a guaranteed result, a term paper proposal example should be well structured. It offers relevant information and a precise description of the research conducted. In short its general purpose is to check whether the candidate has carried sufficient research after focusing on the issues involved. Their description regarding the topic should be broad and well planned.

However, there are many pitfalls candidates should avoid in their writing. 5 common ones are-

  1. Monotonous topic: When you start searching for a term paper example, ensure that the topic chosen by you is interesting and appeals the reader. Since you are going to work on the topic for minimum 2 years, you should give a serious consideration on the interest level. If you have some background knowledge, it will help.

  2. Topic should be neither too short nor too lengthy: Candidate should have sufficient information and knowledge before choosing the topic and while conducting the research.

  3. Vague topic with unorganized content: Do not go for a thesis that cannot be planned. Make sure you get relevant information on the chosen topic. Infinite research proposal applications are denied just because the candidates fail to approach the problem step by step and the basic hypothesis written by them is not sound. Apart from this, new and useful information is missing or written in a hesitant way just because they have not comprehended their topic well. The term paper plan becomes nebulous and is written with insubstantial information. Since the subject is not clear, the planning and research becomes uncontrolled and cannot be carefully designed. Often, candidate does not cite the proposed methods carefully. If the candidate does not mention the headings with proper procedures, the research goes out of track. Ensure words are correctly spelled and supports the statistical data.

  4. Untrained candidates and complex data not presented well: On certain occasions, the problems are highly intricate than the expectations of the applicants. In that case, the applicants need to have high familiarity regarding the relevant literature. Most of the time the conditions are not suitable for conducting the research environment and sometimes better connection with the contemporary disciplines is missing on part of the student.

  5. Missing content: A study conducted found that students miss various parameters before starting the term paper.
  • Including table of content in a sequential manner
  • An influential and precise abstract
  • Resumes of consultants they have proposed
  • Resume of principal investigators
  • Plan for project evaluation
  • Many of the students forget to mention name of the project director.
  • Some students fail to list the objectives of their project.

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